Minggu, 06 Mei 2012

This I Believe.....

World War, I Believe It Will Soon Ended

Every time I hear, read, and listen to the news of the tragic events that happened around me, ranging from robbery, extortion, murder, until the war that still haunt my familys in Palestine, makes me feel very sad to dispute the contention. But, I believe all forms of violence and war will soon be over, I believe because everyone in this world still has a heart and feelings of love.

The war is happening now is just a mere outburst of emotion, like a father angry to his son that naughty because he did not do his homework, but after scolding her child, her father will love him back.

I am very sure all the grief and heartache that sounded on the battlefield will soon end, because no one else in this world who wants to live in the midst of chaos and everyone is very concerned with others, caring for victims seen in many contributions to the war show that all people want the war ended. Demonstration that speaks of freedom is a request to stop the war, I strongly believe every dream that will produce a genuine smile will be reached, I believe that the war would end soon, and everyone can be happy again. I believe.

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