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Part of Essay

Example of ESSAY;

Topic               : War
Main Idea        : Solution to prevent the world from war
Main Points     : A. Applying balance of power
                          B.  Building International Organization
 History had showed war situation give much damage. Like in 20th century when World War 1 and World War 2 happened between European countries, America, and some Asian countries cause many casualties and destruction. Not just that, war also leaving trauma for victims. So the question is how to prevent the world from war? The solutions for that problem are applying balance of power from the countries in the world and building international organization for discuss global issues.
Firstly, every country should applying balance of power by spreading their ideology to other nations, so that the country has many allies. Balance of power is a situation where every country has the same potential to attack their enemies and to protect their national interests. It will make countries prefer to not create conflicts with other nations. So, by applying balance of power in the countries of the world would be spared from the war.
Another way, every government in the world should building international organization. International organizations have two types like global organizations and regional organizations. Global organizations for example the United Nations is an organization whose member every country in the world. Usually discuss world issues that connect every country in the world, such as human rights, climate change, and terrorism. Regional organizations for example Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and European Union (EU) are organization of state and territory adjacent. Usually discuss issues that only relate to their countries, such as trade and Border States. So by building international organization, every country can openly discuss the problems of the world without having a conflict that sparked the war.
In short, applying balance of power is the right way to prevent the world from war because every country has the same potential to cause damage, so that each country is afraid to initiate attack. Besides applying balance of power, building international organizations can helps every country to discuss about world problems without causing conflict. So, we should campaign that ways to create a peaceful situation in our world.

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